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EXPLOSIVE new testimony emerges shedding light on how Theresa Caputo runs her live show

December 20th, 2013

Our source with Caputo in 2012

DISCLAIMER: We at do not necessarily endorse or support this story. We are simply reporting what a former Caputo fan told us.

An account
of one of the Long Island Medium's live shows offers an inside look at how the psychic may "stage" her show.

Our anonymous source has offered to provide us with a first-hand account of attending two of the psychic's most recent shows in New York state.

Our source begins,

"Ok, just finished with the Theresa Caputo show. Again disappointed. I'm going to offer a perfect example, here's the story: In beginning of the show she's talking to a group of people. Then she gets side tracked and she goes right to a lady in the front row and says, 'You lost a daughter. But I'm gonna come back to you because you're not ready to hear yet.' She finally comes back to her an hour later.

We come to find out that she lost her daughter. She offers the info that her daughter died September 17th of this year and her little sister mentions she was a gymnast. They are from Minnesota. As I'm sitting in my seat, I decide to Google 'young gymnast in Minnesota dies Sept. 17th'. Info comes up right away. First hit is an Allison Trebesch death article. Now here's my point: if I was a producer who has access to all the seat numbers and peoples names, how easy is it to Google the whole front row? Find this lady named Julie Trebesch, Google her and the very first thing that comes up is her daughter's obituary."

Our source described how Caputo often avoids going up into the audience and mainly stays near the front row. She has a rather hilarious excuse for why she can't walk up the stairs and read more audience members: her shoes. She openly comments on how "uncomfortable" they are and how if other people were wearing them, they would understand why she can't walk very far or walk up stairs.

It turns out our source took a photo of Caputo last year at a different live show. The Long Island Medium was wearing the exact same shoes then and made the same excuse then, as well.

long island medium fake

Above are photos our source took of Caputo and her shoes. Apparently, she is the only woman in America who has just one pair of shoes!

Has she never heard of sneakers or any other sort of comfortable shoe?

Our source continued:

"Then, Theresa told us she doesn't wear earrings because it's pointless when they are covered by her crazy hair. Well, how convenient is that for her to wear an earpiece invisible to the audience? A producer then can easily tell her [something like] 'Section F, lady in front row with blonde hair and bright pink shirt lost her 13 year-old daughter'.

Later on, she literally singled one of these ladies in the audience out. One of the first things she said was 'Amanda", and the lady jumped on the name right away and said that's my daughters 'BFF', or best friend forever, probably a huge coincidence. If the lady maybe was patient and didn't comment on Amanda, Theresa would have kept throwing out 'A' names and the lady would have finally realized she was talking about her daughter, Allison! Obviously, she didn't want to make it that obvious and throw out 'Allison' right away! I mean, c'mon! This story was too easy to Google and she was in the front row!"

If we both raise our hands, she says our departed loved one is 'piggybacking' off the other person trying to come through. She had a way of explaining why people can relate to multiple stories. And to find comfort in anyone else's story."

Our source later added:

"It's definitely entertaining, but unfortunately I left rather a skeptic. I couldn't fall asleep as I was Googling until 1:30 a.m. There were a lot of interesting readings online. This was a review I read and it was pretty accurate: 'This was not the case last night. In fact, she only read two other sets of people apart from the first two rows. She spent exorbitant amounts of time with the few people she read, fishing for more and more random information to 'validate' that it was their loved ones, even when the people clearly had been moved by and believed the message. Dragging out each reading became tedious, repetitive, and just plain boring.'"

Our source also described a very aggressive and rude presence of security guards at the Caputo's live shows. These guards barked at and demanded our source stop using her phone and stop texting at various intervals.

We will add more to this story soon.

Wiki & Bio

Why do we know so little about Theresa Caputo?

Very little is actually known about Theresa Caputo on a personal level. Her Wikipedia entry contains virtually no information. A poorly written, 16-page 'Ebook" is available on Amazon that purportedly offers a biography of Caputo, but bad reviews suggest the book only regurgitates information already known. Theresa Caputo herself will be publishing her own self-styled biography called, "There's More to Life Than This: Healing Messages, Remarkable Stories, and Insight About the Other Side..." The release date of the book is slated for October 1, 2013, and it is expected to be a best-seller, likely to net millions in profits.

Caputo's own web site offers a scant biography that is repeated on other sites. She claims she was born in Hicksville, New York (in 1968 -- she is 45 years old as of 2013) and lives there still today with her husband of 22 years and two children. She claims to be a member of the Forever-Family Foundation, an organization supposedly dedicated to linking "science" with the afterlife. Their web site is very poorly designed, unprofessional and contains numerous ads and sloppily thrown together sections. We cannot determine at this time if it is "legitimate" or not. She also has an assisstant named Joey who has appeared on the show; his background is completely unknown.

At this point, very little is known about a woman who exploded onto the spotlight in 2011 practically out of nowhere. Her rise to fame has been stratospheric, while few appear to have bothered to research, vet and verify who she is or what she does. While she has appeared on The Today Show, Anderson Cooper Live, The Dr. Oz Show, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and numerous other broadcasts, virtually no one appears to have bothered investigating who this woman actually is. No information is known about her schooling, background, where she went to grade school or high school, or any other jobs or vocations she may have held or pursued outside of "medium-ship".

The and Web Fraud Squad Official Statement and Position on the Legitimacy of Theresa Caputo

UPDATE: After numerous requests, our source has failed to provide us with the evidence we have asked for to back up some of her claims and some of the information we asked for regarding verifying her identity. This site is under a full editorial review, in the meantime.


Many have asked, "If you have a person who knows Caputo, why aren't you releasing audio and video?"

Let us address that. First, we are planning on it and we will get an audio recording posted here as soon as possible. Our source runs a business on Long Island, New York and is worried if her identity is exposed, her business will suffer. This is a very understandable position to take. She has informed us that many people on Long Island support Caputo because of her popularity, the show and the attention and even business she brings to the area.

Many have also asked, "How do you explain some of the incredible things Caputo does on her show?"

We have to remember that this is television. What you see may appear to be real, but the magic of editing and what goes on behind the scenes can create a false reality. You are simply not being presented with the whole picture. When Theresa goes out into public and visits stores seemingly randomly, these moments are not random, they are scripted and planned. The businesses often are asked to sign agreements to allow cameras in their stores and are let know ahead of time that TLC will be filming and why.

It's not as though everyone on the show is lying. We believe many of those who appear and are given impromptu readings are good people who are not "in on" any scam. But it's possible their backgrounds have been checked and vetted by Caputo's staff. They are not aware that the show knows a lot more about them than just their first name when Theresa greets them.

We understand there are skeptics of those who question psychics. We understand there are believers. We can't change everyone's minds. We do hope it is clear that we are simply doing our best to bring information to the public and let them decide. We have been fair. We have presented both sides. And hope anyone who visits this site takes into consideration both sides when it comes to the legitimacy of Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium.

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